The Tomoca Roastery

Roasting is a craft that requires intense training, patience, and experience. Our dedicated roasters, work tirelessly to create different varieties while maintaining quality and consistency, which is the foundation of our success. Tomoca Coffee has 66+ years international experience in roasting and curing coffee. It is a leading Premium Brand, described by many as having vast experience in the industry providing various types of roasts. The mountainous region of Ethiopia, coupled with favorable climate and rich soil are the main reasons the coffee bean has a rare low-acidity, and full rich flavor.

The coffee roasting process entails the processing of specialty green coffee beans into roasted coffee products (roasted coffee beans and roasted ground coffee) that are finally packaged into the respective packages. Quality control is a pertinent part of the roasting, grinding and packaging stages.


Our 3 Signature Roast types.


At this stage of the roast, the coffee is fully developed before any oils appear on the surface of the beans.

Our predetermined roast time allows for more caramelization and improves the richness body and mouth feel while naturally offsetting acidity.


A medium dark profile the coffee has reached full caramelization and richness making its acidity even more subdued.

The beans will have a very light oil sheen and the cup will have a deep coffee flavor without the nuances of a dark roast


At this stage of the roast, the coffee will become fully covered in oil slightly allowing the beans to carbonize.

Rich flavor and heavy body dominate while the acidity of the coffee is completely diminished