About Us


Tomoca coffee is an award-winning coffee roasting company.  Established in 1953, in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, the family-owned business became the first coffee roasting company in Ethiopia to provide roasted and ground coffee to the local and international markets.  The acronym TO.MO.CA is derived from the Italian Torrefazione Moderna café, which means modern coffee roasting.  

 Tomoca coffee is known as the gold standard of Ethiopian co­ffee; with an unmatched delivery of the best quality coff­ee from roast to cup.  We are a member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and export our coffee to Sweden, Germany, USA, China, Japan and other countries across the globe.


To exceed customer expectations by providing high quality roasted coffee with excellent service at a price that is fair to the producers and customers.  We accomplish this through our long-standing expertise in roasting and curing as well as the implementation of quality management systems.

Tomoca coffee prides itself on being a pioneer for change and disrupting the status quo.  This premise is based on the origin of coffee and the ripple effect it had from domestic use to commercialization.


History has it that in the 9th century, a native herdsman named Kaldi, noticed one of his goats acting abnormally after eating the berries of a certain shrub. Kaldi then conferred with the local Abbot about the frolicsome behavior of his goat. This peeved the interest of the Abbot and this practice grew from the monastery, to the community and finally to a global level.

This chain – tower of dreamers, of achievement is the premise on what Tomoca is based on. The passion of dreamers to disrupt the status quo in the same way the spirited goat did, is shared with Tomoca. As a company we direct our own path and lead where others will follow.


To be the most reputable provider of roasted coffee in Africa and the international community as well as the preferred company for existing and future employees, clients, business partners and investors.


Our core values permeate our whole business and are the driving factors behind our success. They define our vision, our business strategy and our corporate objectives. We strive to offer our clients high quality coffee with excellent service to best suit their needs. The Company has 200 employees of which, 70% are women.

We offer our employees the opportunities to develop their skills, contribute to the business strategy, and enhance their professional growth through our internal training academy. This has led to consistency in the product-service delivery, recognizing and embracing diversity across our workforce, and excellent retention – yearly staff¬ turnover rate of less than 5%.

As the Tomoca team we are:

  • Dedicated: We are highly dedicated in providing a consistent product – service offering. With over 5,000 varieties of coffee in Ethiopia, consistency is the most valued element in the selection of high quality raw-green coffee beans that go into every cup of Tomoca.
  • Proficient: Our established expertise is built on industry experience, skilled employees and professional capabilities. With utmost attention given to quality controls at each level – pre-roasting, roasting and packaging, every package of Tomoca coffee is produced at the highest standard possible.
  • Innovative: We care about the work we do and are determined to provide products and services that are deemed as excellent. We strive to exceed expectations.
  • Accountable: We operate in an open and sincere environment building strong relationships based on integrity, reliability, and responsibility. We strive to continuously make small improvements leading to significant results.
  • Cohesive: We strive to maintain the cohesive tradition of drinking coffee with near and dear ones to increase the bond, love, respect and unity among each other.


Tomoca Coffee prides itself in providing an authentic coffee experience, by way of a perfected craft, served in a transparent cup of finely prepared Macchiato, Sprice, Café au Lait and coffee.