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Ethiopia has many traditions that prioritize the unison and fortitude of the community. One of the long-standing, practiced culture, is friends and family coming together and conversing over a cup of coffee. This tradition increases the mutual bond, respect, and love for one another.

Tomoca emulates this Ethiopian culture at all its Coffee shops. The Coffee shops also preserve the mastered art of espousing Ethiopian coffee with an Italian technique, giving rise to the Tomoca Signature Coffee such as the Tomoca Macchiato, Tomoca Sprice and Tomoca Cravate.

About Us

Tower of Dreamers

History has it; In the 9th century a local herdsman named Kaldi saw one of his goats acting anomaly after eating the berries of a certain shrub. Kaldi then complained to the local Abbot of a monastery about the frolicsome behaviour of his goat. This then started being practiced in the monastery which grew into the community and finally went on globally. This chain, tower of dreamers, of achievement is what Tomoca is based on. The passion of dreamers to disrupt the status quo the same way that anomaly goat did, is shared with Tomoca.

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You deserve an authentic coffee experience from roast to cup. Grab a pack of our freshly roasted coffee beans today!


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