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The Medium Roast Blend has a deep coffee flavor without the nuances of a dark roast and is characterized by a very light oil sheen.

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Place:  Ethiopia

Tasting Notes: Fruity-Floral, Grapes & Blueberries

Pure Harrar Coffee – 100% Arabica.  Rich flavor with subdued acidity.

Procedure: Meticulously roasted, each coffee origin is fully developed before any oils appear on the surface of the beans.  Our pre-determined roast time allows for more caramelization and improves the richness of the flavor while naturally offsetting acidity.

Community:  Roasting is a craft that requires intense training, patience, and experience. Our dedicated roasters, work tirelessly to create different varieties while maintaining quality and consistency, which is the foundation of our success.


Always brew the coffee with cold-purified water.  To avoid waste and maintain the freshness, grind one cup/one pot of coffe (as required.   An outline is shown below:

  • 250g (8 oz): Makes approx.  25 cups of coffee
  • 500g (16 oz): Makes approx.  50 cups of coffee
  • 1kg (32 oz): Makes approx.  90-100 cups of coffee

Take note of the suitable types of grinding below:

  • Coarse grind is commonly used to brew coffee with Ethiopian Jebena and French press
  • Medium grind is usually for mocha pot, drip coffee, etc
  • Fine grind is commonly used for espresso machines 

The package has a zip locker which is ideal for protecting the texture, aroma and freshness of the coffee.  It also has a one-way valve which allows the roasted coffee to de-gas (release carbon dioxide) without allowing air to enter the sealed bag.

Do not freeze or refrigerate.

We source our coffee from government approved coffee traders to ensure that the small-scale farmers are well compensated for their labor-intensive products. Our criteria when sourcing the raw coffee beans are:-
Quality– Grade AA coffee beans – handpicked, cleaned and washed
Environmental awareness– we ensure that our products are naturally grown to preserve the ecosystem as well as the local communities well-being
Social responsibilities– we work for the benefit of the society at large.

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