Our Commitment


From the different highland regions of Ethiopia, come most of the most sustainably produced 100% Arabica coffee such as Harrar, Yirgachefe, Sidamo and Limu.  Tomoca Coffee is proud to be an industry leader, raising the bar for social and environmental standards in the production and distribution of coffee.

Environmental Stewardship

Our roasted coffee not only tastes great, but is manufactured from Grade A Quality green coffee beans which are essentially washed and free from waste products.  TOMOCA works closely with the local producers to ensure sustainable green coffee harvesting practices to protect and restore the ecological balance of the mountainous regions that boasts of favorable climates and rich soils.

Waste Coffee Grounds as Potential Raw Material for Biodiesel Production

We strive to align our corporate strategy with the sustainability of environment by ensuring we provide viable solutions for waste disposal.  Preliminary analysis was carried out on a research that was conducted to gain insight on the production of biofuel from waste coffee ground.  It was noted that the solid waste after extraction of the oil can be used as fuel hence alleviating major disposal problems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR, TOMOCA Coffee provides a platform for the handicapped people (government initiative) to earn a living by weaving traditional gift bags which are then sold at TOMOCA outlets.

In addition to the above, TOMOCA Coffee provides financial assistance to the students seeking financial aid.  TOMOCA Coffee has been the driving force behind the graduation of a number of students from well-known universities with degree programs on various fields.  TOMOCA Coffee strongly believes in giving back to the community and having a positive impact on future generations.